Rare Sheet Music Dating Back Until the 15th-Century Found in Herefordshire Archives

A RARE sheet of music dating back hundreds of years has been discovered at the county’s records office.15th-Century Music Sheet

The historical document, believed to be from the 14th or 15th century, was discovered as final preparations are made to move thousands of documents to a new archives centre on Hereford’s Rotherwas Industrial Estate.

The current office in Harold Street, St James, will close temporarily on January 1 to allow contents to be cleaned and re-packaged ahead of the move.

The contents for cleaning include 17,500 boxes and 5,000 maps.

Anyone wishing to carry out research at the office can do so from November 4 to 9 and from December 9 to 14.

These dates will be the last chance to view records until the new centre opens, unless visitors pay a small fee.

Councillor Roger Phillips, Herefordshire Council cabinet member for enterprise and culture, said: “The archives and records staff have a monumental task ahead of them in order to correctly prepare thousands of important historical documents ahead of their move to the new centre.

“During the process so far, a number of fascinating documents have been discovered, including a rare sheet of medieval music, and it is imperative that we preserve these documents for future generations.

“If you have an interest in archiving, we need volunteers to help with the immense task of cataloguing and preparing the county’s records.”


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