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#AceHistoryNews – Feb.13: Cheshire Roman treasure hoards on display for first time_88243601_77a8cdd3-fe21-4a76-b415-d2af52e23eac.jpgTwo recently-discovered hoards of Roman and Iron Age treasure are put on display for the first time in a Liverpool exhibition.

The artefacts, found in Cheshire, include rings, brooches and dozens of coins issued some 2,000 years ago.

Known as the Knutsford and Malpas Hoards, the treasure finds were uncovered in 2012 and 2014 by metal detectorists in the county.

They will be on show at the Museum of Liverpool until 19 June.

The treasure includes:

■ Gilt “trumpet” brooches, named after their open circular ends. These were sometimes associated with the Roman army

■ Two silver finger rings, with decorative stone settings, possibly used as letter sealers

■ More than 100 coins issued between 32BC to the late 2nd Century AD

■ Iron Age coins, including examples more usually found around Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire

Liz Stewart, the museum’s curator of archaeology, said the hoards will “provide fascinating evidence about the wealth, trade, lifestyles and identities of people in the early Roman period”.

She added: “The hoards tell the story of the early history of the region, and point to links between the Cheshire salt fields and the coastal trading centres in and around Merseyside.”

Experts at the museum believe many of the artefacts were probably buried for safekeeping.

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