Churchill & “The Imitation Game”

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Excuse Us for Living

The Book: Churchill’s War Lab

The Movie: “The Imitation Game”

The Anniversary: The Passing of Churchill Fifty Years Ago

      Dedicated to my friend & teacher, Graham Bowles, 1940-2014,

who lived through the Battle of Britain & served in the British Royal Navy

Arthur Graham Bowles

Arthur Graham Bowles, 1940-2014

     Excuse us for living, but sometimes in our experiences the stars align and the results can be quite rewarding. And so it was recently for me reading a book, seeing a movie, and discovering an anniversary.

The Book: Late fall 2014 I started reading a book I had picked up a while back in 2012. I found it in, of all places, a book shop on the campus of Cambridge University, England. To say I don’t go there very often would be an understatement of grand proportions! We were on a tour of the UK and Cambridge was on the…

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