A long-lost 98-year-old Sherlock Holmes film has been found – and it looks a little like this


Sherlock Holmes 1916 film So this is what Sherlock Holmes looked like when played by William Gillette in 1916 (Picture: Rex Features)

Take a good look at the above shot, people. This is Sherlock Holmes – but not as you know him.

In fact, it’s a scene from a 1916 silent movie about the Baker Street sleuth, which has been discovered lurking in a vault in France after being thought lost.

The film, which sees William Gillette as Holmes – back when Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t even a glint in the milkman’s eye – is currently undergoing restoration after being found at the Cinematheque Francaise.

And it’ll be screened in France in January, before US audiences have their chance to see it in May at the San Francisco silent film festival.

Although Gillette’s performance may have been confined to history the actor’s portrayal of Holmes is said to have been a huge influence on all…

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