Eleanor of Castile and Her Reputation Through History ~ A guest post by Sara Cockerill

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The Eleanor Cross at Hardingstone.  Image by Sara Cockerill The Eleanor Cross at Hardingstone. Image by Sara Cockerill

Sara Cockerill studied law at the University of Oxford. She is a practising QC specialising in commercial law, and the author of a leading specialist legal text. She has had a lifelong interest in English history and has devoted her spare time over the past ten years to researching the life of Eleanor of Castile. ‘Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen’ is her first published work of history. For more information, see www.saracockerill.com or follow her on Facebook.

It is tempting to think that a Queen’s reputation is fixed forever. Katherine of Aragon, for instance, has always been seen as a “good queen”. But often how the queens of the past are seen is as much a factor of the mood of the time as it is of the evidence of their actions and habits.

Rarely can this be seen…

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