The Meaning of “Mora”, the Flagship Matilda of Flanders Gave William the Conqueror ~ a guest post by Elisabeth Waugaman

The Freelance History Writer

The Freelance History Writer would like to welcome Elisabeth Waugaman, PhD with a guest post on some interesting medieval history regarding the Norman Conquest. Her degree from Duke University is in French Literature and she is a published author of two books. Elisabeth was awarded a medal from the government of Brazil for her book on aviator Alberto Santos Dumont and she has an ongoing blog for the magazine “Psychology Today”. Welcome Elisabeth!

Bayeux tapestry Mora

Scholars have never found a satisfactory explanation for “Mora”, the name of the flagship Matilda of Flanders gave William the Conqueror for his expedition to England. One of the earliest theories based on the Spanish verb “morar” (to live or dwell), is that “Mora” means “mansion” or “dwelling.” Why would Matilda choose a foreign Spanish word to inspire the Normans and Celts who made up William’s army? Another theory is that “mora” means blackberry in Latin and…

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