SALISBURY: SNIPPETS OF BRITISH HISTORY: ‘ Stonehenge Amazing New Discovery Ring of the Dead ‘

#AceBritishHistoryNews – SALISBURY – August 28 – Stonehenge — perhaps the most studied structure remaining from the ancient world. And yet, this arrangement of massive rocks standing in the middle of an open field north of Salisbury, England, remains a poorly understood mystery.

​But an amazing new discovery by archaeologists using high tech instruments and working over the past four years, appears to turn everything we think we know about Stonehenge upside-down.

“There was sort of this idea that Stonehenge sat in the middle and around it was effectively an area where people were probably excluded, a ring of the dead around a special area — to which few people might ever have been admitted,” researcher Vince Gaffney, one of the scientists leading the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, told Smithsonian Magazine. “This is among the most important landscapes, and probably the most studied landscape, in the world. And the area has been absolutely transformed by this survey. Won’t be the same again.”

What were the astounding Stonehenge discoveries? The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project researchers — using 3D laser imaging, ground-piercing radar and other 21st Century technology — discovered that at least 15 more ancient monuments, lie underneath the grassy plain surrounding the famous Stonehenge monument itself.

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