SNIPPETS OF BRITISH HISTORY: ‘ King Charles Raised His Standard at Nottingham Beginning First English Civil War ‘

#AceBritishHistoryNews – August 23 – Convention uses the name "The English Civil War" (1642–51) to refer collectively to the civil wars in England and the Scottish Civil War, which began with the raising of King Charles I’s standard at Nottingham on 22 August 1642, and ended on 3 September 1651 at the Battle of Worcester.

There was some continued organised Royalist resistance in Scotland, which lasted until the surrender of Dunnottar Castle to Parliament’s troops in May 1652, but this resistance is not usually included as part of the English Civil War.
The English Civil War can be divided into three: the First English Civil War (1642–1646), the Second English Civil War (1648–1649), and the Third English Civil War (1649–1651).