‘ Interesting Snippets of British History Australian Contribution to Battle of Normandy ‘

#AceBritishHistoryNews – July 22- The Australian contribution to the Battle of Normandy involved more than 3,000 military personnel serving under British command, the majority from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

​(Australian members of No.196 Squadron pictured).

Others served with the Royal Navy and British Army. After participating in the Allied landings on 6 June 1944, Australian air force and army personnel fought in the subsequent Battle of Normandy between June and August 1944, and an RAAF fighter squadron operated from airfields in Normandy.

​Throughout the campaign, Australian airmen provided direct support to the Allied ground forces by attacking German military units and their supply lines, as well as forming part of the force which defended the beachhead from air attack.

Australians also indirectly contributed to the campaign by attacking German submarines

and ships which posed a threat to the invasion force.

Australia’s contribution to the fighting in Normandy is commemorated in memorials and cemeteries in London and Normandy.

Courtesy of Wikimedia