Rare 1, 900-Year Old Sculpture of Found at Aldgate Station London

Eagle and SnakeThe latest piece of Roman history to be unearthed at a London building site has been described as an exceptional find.

The statue, which shows an eagle with a serpent in its beak, has been hailed by experts as one of the finest artefacts ever unearthed in Britain.

It was found on the building site of a hotel near Aldgate tube station.

Video of find: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24737472

Here is some significance that has been given to the Mexican Eagle or Mexican seal

  • The Mexican Eagle stands on a Nopal (cactus) the fruit of this particular Cactus is the Tuna (a small, round red fruit) that for some represents the human heart and the Aztec belief of human sacrifice as an offer to the Gods to guarantee a new day.

The island has a banner with three stripes: green represents hope and victory, white symbolizes the purity of Mexican ideals and the red represents the blood shed by the Mexican national heroes.

On the lower part of the seal, there is a crown of flowers that represents strength and victory.

English: Interpretation of Mexican Eagle 1887

English: Interpretation of Mexican Eagle 1887 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout Mexican history, several other meaning have been adjudicated to the Mexican Eagle and Seal, here are a few more of the most common:

  • The Eagle represents the Mexican people, and its fighting pose means that the people is ready to face the challenges that life and the world have to offer.
  • The Snake represents Mexico’s enemies, that, although unidentified, they could mean any strange interest that means to harm the people of Mexico. The fact that the Eagle is eating the snake means that the Mexican people will overcome its enemies.
  • The cactus, with its thorns; represents the challenges and problems of Mexico. The Mexican eagle, defiantly standing on top means that the Mexican people will overcome these challenges.

*The Aztec symbols of the Island and the water represent the Indigenous origins of Mexico, united by the Colony by the mix between Europeans and natives.
*One other meaning has been given to the Mexican seal, that the Snake is not dead but still fighting, to some, has a sort of “Mexican Yin-Yang” meaning where we find the eternal struggle between good and evil, or aerial and terrestrial, if you would like.


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