Scotlands Tapestry Longest in the World Even Longer than the Bayeaux Tapestry

The making of the Great Tapestry of Scotland

By Emma Ailes BBC Scotland

It’s called The Great Tapestry of Scotland – and no wonder – it’s the world’s longest

It’s taken 1,000 volunteer stitcher’s more than 50,000 hours – and enough yarn to scale Ben Nevis 74 times.

After a year in the making, The Great Tapestry of Scotland has been unveiled.

It breaks the record for the longest embroidered tapestry in the world – at 143m, it is 70m longer than the famous Bayeaux Tapestry in Normandy.

From the Battle of Bannock-burn to the re-convening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, it tells the “story of Scotland” in 160 intricate panels.

But how do you squeeze 12,000 years of Scottish history into one tapestry?

Through a “glorious process of ruthless editing”, says historian Alastair Moffat.

tapestry From the Battle of Bannock-burn to Dolly the Sheep, the tapestry chronicles 12,000 years of Scottish history

“Pitfalls open on every side. One of the deepest is the military option, our history as a series of invasions, wars and battles, many of them grey defeats.

“Most important have been our efforts to make a tapestry that distils Scotland’s unique sense of herself, to tell a story only of this place, and without bombast, pomp or ceremony, to ask the heart-swelling rhetorical question: What’s like us?”



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