The “Age of Deceit”: Fallen Angels and the New World Order!

The changing face of the world is becoming ever more evident of the degradation, as foretold in so many ways, including the bible! The actual fact of the egotistical way people actual live their lives ,without a care for other human beings is becoming a prelude to the coming world, that both scares people on one hand and leads them to seek out answers! The background of such is that we are heading for both a fall from grace in the sight of God and total economic melt-down by the effervescence of our innate greed! #britainshistory

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  • Full length feature of Age of Deceit:
    Fallen Angels and the New World Order. A biblical look at the history of fallen angels and it’s relationship to the New World Order and the new age movement. Topics covered are the fall of mankind, the pre-flood world as Atlantis, the new age through theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to society, UFO’s, ET’s and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and more. All of these things are explained and predicted in the bible. Featured on the video are Chris White of and as well as Douglas Hamp, author of “Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist” at

    NOTE: Alice Bailey quote at 27 min is taken out of context and is my mistake. Bailey is describing Nazi ideology, however it does not change her views on Christianity as a whole.


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