One Mans Contribution To Kenilworth

A legend in his own lifetime!

A legend in his own lifetime!

Kenilworth‘s only family run chemists have been sold to a pharmacy chain in a deal worth millions.

Dudley Taylor’s three town shops are among 59 in the UK which have been acquired by Moss Pharmacies, a subsidiary of Alliance UniChem. The shops – located in the Square, Bertie Road and Station Road – changed hands on Tuesday and staff jobs were said to be safe.

The deal will give Moss 776 pharmacies in England, Scotland and Wales. Two of Dudley Taylor’s seven children, Michael and Christopher, will continue to run the remaining 20 shops in the group.

Mr Taylor, 84, decided to sell up on his retirement after more than 50 year in the business. Explaining his reasons for the sale, he said: “Unfortunately it has proved impossible to keep the business with such a large family and the only equitable solution was to sell the majority of the shops to Moss Pharmacies.

“Lynne French, Richard Poynter and Jenny McVicker will continue to work as managers for Moss. “It’s a sad day. Kenilworth has been my life and I would like to thank those staff, customers and friends who have made my life so enjoyable.”

He praised former managers Fred Holt and Derek Coulson, who ran the businesses always with “the welfare of the customer in mind.” Mr Taylor, a Cornish-man, purchased his first pharmacy in Kenilworth in 1948 after leaving the RAF where he reached the rank of flying officer.

He recalled: “I was penniless at the time and took a gamble. Although I was only dispensing about 600 items, it began to pay off. “When the NHS was created chemists only opened until 5.30pm but I decided to keep mine open until 7pm. I also opened on Christmas Day and Boxing Day every year for an hour.

“Over the years the business grew and I acquired more customers and shops.” He said he had not sold up because of competition from the large multiples. “In the last 10 years we have increased turnover.

Quote from the man himself!

“You are not a very good pharmacist if you can’t compete with the big multiples”

Rest In Peace


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