Chamberlain A Prime Minster Of Our Time

Chamberlain arrives at Munich, 29 September 1938.

Chamberlain arrives at Munich, 29 September 1938. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chamberlain is seen getting off a small plane at the airport after his
trip to Munich. He makes a speech, saying he had a long, frank but
friendly talk with Hitler the previous afternoon and he feels satisfied
now that each of them fully understands what is in the mind of the
other. He ends by saying he is going to have another talk with Hitler,
but Hitler said he would come halfway to meet him, to spare Chamberlain
from having such a long journey.

Various shots of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain arriving by
plane at Munich airport and being driven off in a car on his way to meet
the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler on the Czech Crisis. He
is then seen getting off a train and is escorted to Hitler’s mountain
residence at Berchtesgaden by German officers. Hitler greets
Chamberlain on the steps of his home and shakes hands. They walk up the
steps together.


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